Private Residential Tenancies Board

The PRTB was set up in 2004. All new residential tenancy agreements now have to be registered with the PRTB. It is an offence to rent out a property if it is not registered with the PRTB although there are exceptions.

  • Business/commercial premises
  • Properties where the landlord/owner also resides
  • Properties where a son or daughter of the owner lives and no tenancy agreement is in place
  • Holiday homes
  • Houses subject to rent control
  • Social or local authority housing

PRTB forms can be downloaded from their website. Registration costs €70 and it must be submitted within a month of the commencement of the tenancy agreement. Late registration is charged at €140. Non registration of properties can lead to fines of up to €3000.

We will ensure that PRTB forms are completed and signed by tenants before they move into any property that we rent or manage.

For more information please visit the PRTB website. Any queries in relation to the registration of your property will be found their in FAQ section.

If we can be of assistance in any way please contact our office with your query on
01 850 0555.

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