Building Energy Rating Info

A Building Energy Rating (BER) gives an indication of how energy efficient a property is. From January 1st a BER certificate became compulsory for all homes being sold or offered for rent. Failure to produce a BER cert will result in a fine.

A BER is similar to the energy label that can be seen on the front of a new fridge for example. A BER is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. You can download a sample BER Cert here.

Energy ratings go from A to G, with an A rating being the most energy efficient. The more energy efficient a home is the lower the energy bills tend to be.

Prospective tenants are entitled to request a BER for a property and this can influence their decision making.

Protected structures and certain temporary homes are exempt from a BER.
We can organize a BER certificate for your property so give us a ‘buzz’ on 01-8500555 for details.

If you require any further information in relation to BER certificates or energy saving tips for your home please vist the Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) website.

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