Landlord Info

Initial introduction & Marketing of the Property

First, we meet with the landlord at the property.
  • Discuss what is required to best market the property in the current climate.
  • Advise the property owner as to what is required in terms of décor, furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Discuss the best features and benefits of the property for example distance to transport, amenities, schools, shops etc.
  • Determine current rental value
  • Advise on best ways to maximise rental return
  • We would retain a key for the property for future viewings
  • Start marketing program to include placement of a property brochure in our very visible shop window, web sites (including, and, data base search etc. A ‘To Let’ sign can also be erected outside the property if requested
  • The property can have a priority listing on the website
  • Properties can be shown up to 8pm, 6 days per week

Screening Applicants

Prior to showing property, all tenants are pre-qualified and an appointment is made. All applications are completely verified. Then we;
  • Check and verify all work references
  • Contact previous landlord to verify payment history and condition of property
  • We contact you with the above information and make our recommendations. We will not enter into an agreement with any person until the property owner is consulted

Completion of Letting Service

Once a suitable applicant or applicants have been found we;
  • Collect a months rent in advance
  • Collect a months rent as a security deposit
  • Draw up a lease agreement, usually for one year. If the landlord has special conditions they can be included
  • Obtain photo I.D. and a home address of the applicant
  • Change all utility bills into the tenant’s name e.g. Gas, electricity and waste
  • Get tenants to complete and sign the PRTB form
  • Take a full inventory of the property
  • Set up direct debit/ standing order if required
  • Issue them with literature informing them of reasons why they may have deductions from their deposit which would include damage to property, vacating without cleaning or breaking the term of the lease agreement

Management Service

Under this service we;
  • Ensure all rent is collected fully and on time
  • Send out financial statements on a monthly basis
  • Inspect the property 2-3 times during the course of the contract
  • If the property needs to be refilled or if the tenant moves out for any reason during the term of the lease agreement we will refill the property at no extra charge to you
  • Our agents will be on call in the case of emergencies such as plumbing or electrical etc.
  • Deal with all problems or negotiations speedily and effectively on your behalf

Property Maintenance

Our maintenance team will be available to deal with any problems that may occur during the term of the tenancy. We have access to plumbers, electricians and general handymen to call on in the event of a problem with the property. Details of this service are available on request.

Keep a record of any maintenance work that is required on the property. Any work that is required is only carried out with the landlord’s authorisation and quotations are organized for larger jobs.

Furnish the landlord with details of all works carried out and invoices where applicable.

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